THRACE TERRA 2 NEW VER 2.2 – pulse induction


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VER 2.2 with better depth in STAT mode, faster in MOTION mode
and better discrimination.


THRACE TERRA 2 VER 2.2 is a digital pulse-induction metal detector for detecting
deeply buried in the ground metal objects. The device is simple constructed and
easy to work with. The detector rewires almost no maintenance other than
charging the battery when necessary.

THRACE – TERRA 2 is a professional PULSE-INDUCTION (PI) system which
incorporates a large search coil (one-meter by one-meter as standard equipment)
for the main purpose of finding large objects at great depths. These detection
depths can almost be compared with those of magnetometers, which can detect
nothing but ferromagnetic objects. Another great advantage of using the THRACE –
TERRA 2 together with the large search coil is being able to cover a large area
in a short period of time. The actual search coil is encased in a square plastic
frame (PVC tubing) and can be carried by two persons.

Using the PI-principle offers some decisive advantages.

First, the search coil is not part of a resonant circuit as it is the case with
VLF detectors and can, therefore, be of almost any size and shape. This is
absolutely necessary in order to increase the location depth considerably. In
the second place there is a timely discoupling between the transmitting and the
receiving phase which makes it possible to work with far greater

transmission power.

A further advantage is that small objects like bottle caps, pull tabs, pieces

of aluminum foil, but also single coins are naturally rejected while using the
large search coils.

But still the THRACE – TERRA 2 is an easy-to-operate metal detector: you only
have to deal with four simple controls, of which you need just one while normal

Objects are simultaneously indicated by a meter on the screen and by an audio
signal, which increases in frequency while approaching the object. The audio
response has a very wide frequency range in order to avoid signal saturation
when the search coil approaches a very close object. This makes it easy to
pinpoint the exact location.

The function of the THRACE – TERRA 2 is divided into two time intervals:

Transmission Phase

A strong duty current is flowing through the search coil about 600 times per
second. The linearly increasing current builds up a primary magnetic field which
radiates. The current is abruptly cut off after a certain time, so that the
primary magnetic field collapses quickly causing so-called eddy currents in the
metal object. Strength and duration of these eddy currents depend on the
electrical conductivity, size and shape of the object. After a short time delay
the search coil is connected to the receiver input.


Receiving phase

The decay of the eddy currents in the object produces a secondary magnetic
field, which is radiated by the object. This secondary magnetic field has its
effect also on the coil and here induces very low voltages, which are amplified
and displayed by a meter and an audio signal. Obviously the detection range has
physical limits, because these voltages are extremely weak and can be obscured
by external magnetic fields.

THRACE – TERRA2 parts for control

To achieve maximum depth of searching, the device must be set according to this
manual. Also make sure that you are not around large metal objects – wire mesh,
pipes, cables, lines, etc.


Assemble the search frame and plug the connecting cable to the appropriate
connector on the back panel of metal detector.

You will need at least 40 hours of practice to be sure you can really use all of
the detectors’ functions.

You should know that if you haven’t used before a pulse induction detector, you
will need some time to get used to the slower speed with it.

The synchronization work with the frame between the two operators is very
important. The one who works with the search frame is responsible for setting
the time and the distance between the frame and the land, while the other one
has the role of “air cushion”, he is responsible for making the frame stable.

Normally the frame must be on 20cm. over the ground during operation.


– Principle of work: pulse Induction

– Working frequency: varies from 450Hz-650Hz

– Search coil included in the main package: 1.2×1.2 m

– Search coil – additional option 36 c
– Batteries: 2800 mAh

– Charger – 220V – included in the main package

– Discrimination: analogue



Base set includes:


– electronic box with protector


– Search coil included in the main package: 1.2×1.2 m


Batteries: 2800 mAh


– Charger – 220V – included in the main package



THRACE – TERRA2 parts for control


– “ON / VOLUME” – switches on the detector and volume control/max if you don’t
use headphone/.

– “FREQUENCY” – you can change the working frequency of the detector in range

– “THERESHOLD” – used to adjust threshold level. Rotate the controller
counter-clockwise to low position to avoid interference. Clockwise rotate the
controller to have high hum level.

– “DELAY” – used to balance on the ground or to reduce the impact of
mineralization of soil, if necessary, and to eliminate certain undesirable
metals in DISC mode. With this knob you can adjust the sensitivity of the
detector, and to adjust the degree of selection for small objects.

– “GND / DISC” – dual control knob – adjust ground balance in ALL METAL mode,
and discrimination in DISC mode. This knob is used for eliminating the impact of
the ground in ALL METAL mode, and for regulation of discrimination of unwanted
objects or magnetic alloys in DISC mode.

– Button “DISC” – switch on and switch off DISC mode.

– Button “MODE” – toggling between Dynamyc and Static modes.

– Button “ZERO” – serves for automatic setting of the device to ground
conditions of the terrain as well as for quick null of each change of the values


THRACE Metal Detectors

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Weight 8.00 kg
Additional search coil

————, 36 cm. search coil and Handle


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