Serach coil 4khz PB XP MDETECTORS 34x28cm./13×11″/DD for XP Deus-ORX


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search coil XP Mdetectors 4Khz POWER BOOST – type x35 working on 4Khz – 7 sub frequencies from: 3,7 to 4,4 kHz

Works with XP Deus soft 5.2.1 and higher

Selectable frequency offset without loss of performance near 4Khz.

TX power adjustment is available on all offset frequencies and offsets.

Special Low frequency TX Boost feature. Normal or Boost option – The transmitted power has 2 selectable levels when using frequencies 3.7Khz to 4.4kHz.

The BOOST mode significantly increases the transmission power of the transmitting coil, allowing greater detection levels if the soil conditions allow.

TX boost is a special mode, the battery life of the coil may be reduced down to 6 hours.

Includes: Coil cover, Lower pole, Hardware, Five-Year Parts and Labor Warranty


XP Metaldetectors

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