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Invenio is the first and single revolutionary step taken towards turning a dream into reality in the metal detector industry !


Since the 1930s, when the conventional metal detectors have surfaced, although metal detectors have been successful as far as providing many new features in parallel to advancements in the technology, they have not been sufficient enough in terms of meeting the expectations of users.


What we see today is that competitors in the industry have been signing off on many patents for many years, yet even today they could not go beyond generating basic beeps and IDs for targets and reached a deadlock.


On the other hand, users have been expecting a lot more from a detector:

1. To discover deeper targets

2. To know what type of a metal the detected target is

3. To see the real depths and

4. The shapes of targets

5. To determine the dimensions of targets

6. To detect ground anomalies/cavities


Nokta Detectors, since its foundation, has been taking steps towards turning this dream of users into reality. After years of extensive Research
Search Coils Invenio Pro:INV28 Waterproof DD 28x18cm, INV40 Waterproof DD 40x35cm, INV56 Waterproof DD 56x49cm

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