XP ORX 34cm.x28cm. + 4Khz Power Boost MDETECTORS

This metaldetector is one of the best in the middle price metaldetectors. The best price and quality you can find here from certified dealer for Bulgaria – Mdetectors.


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In the middle price range there is only a profitable metal detector, given that it will 
receive an XP DEUS metal detector and an XP MDETECTORS depth probe operating at 4khz with
 Power Boost. MDETECTORS is a strategic partner of XP and for this accommodation this set
 will be offered for this low price in Bulgaria.
The depth of the probe works at 4khz and it is of type x35 and works with metal detector 
ORX and XP Deus with software with version over 5.2.When working with a 4Khz metal detector,
 you may have interference in populated areas due to the low frequency, so here you have 
the opportunity to choose the most stable operating frequency around 4Khz.
You have 7 sublates from 3.7Khz to 4.4kHz - choose the most appropriate one.When working 
with the metal detector, which works on 4khz, you can look for single coins with the booster
 off in case the place is dirty, in which case you can increase the REACTIVITY.
When the terrain is clean you can also look for a single coin booster included, as well as
 larger metals deeper at a slower pace.The booster is a special opportunity for the search
 probe to search deeper by increasing the voltage in the windings of the search probe.
Because unlike the HP deus, ORX does not have the ability to turn the booster on and off
 separately. This role is played by the fourth program, which automatically turns on the
 booster, which makes the device more nervous given the large size of the probe.
- depth probe operation at 4khz and 7 below often in order to avoid interference - from
 3.7Khz to 4.4kHz
- Possibility to pre-install software for new versions
- XP ORX remote, which can work with all high-frequency HF and x35 search probes.
- total weight 1,230 kg.
- stick length:
Length unfolded: 137 cm / 54 ”/
Length-folded: 53 cm / 20.8 ”/
Length-disassembled: 48 cm / 18.9 ”/
- 5 years warranty
- made in France


XP Metaldetectors

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