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The new Detech deeper metal detector is here: EDS CHASER (14 kHz)

Now the CHASER is with a display for better productivity.

The Detech Chaser 14kHz VLF metal detector has the following advantages:

– excellent discrimination

– the best depth and sensitivity

– extremely stable operation

For now, only the 14kHz version is available as this is the best general use
frequency. The other versions (4,8 kHz and 28 kHz) are scheduled to be released
later in 2016 and 2017.

Very easy to operate:

5 languages Menu – English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

It also features a HELP function in each of the languages in order to make thing
easy for the beginner operator

With its multi-purpose 14 kHz operating frequency, this exceptional all-terrain
metal detector is useful for all kinds of metal detecting: coin shooting, relic
hunting, nugget hunting, searching for very deep treasures, beach hunting… you
name it!

180 units precise VDI scale

ID band on the display, showing the conductivity of the different targets,
indicating the chosen degree of discrimination

High Resolution 256 x 160 pixels illuminated display

Four preset discrimination programs: DISC ZERO, RELIC, COINS, BEACH.

Choice of three audio modes of operation: ONE TONE, DUAL TONE (MIXED), Tonal
Identification (MULTITONE)

Accurate PINPOINT function with audio and visual indication

Easily adjustable discrimination levels

Easy to use MENU featuring 6 functions having intuitive assigned ICONS:
Sensitivity, Volume, High/Low GAIN, Tone, Frequency, Memory (you can save your
last used settings)

Full Ground Balance capabilities: Automatic (real time terrain tracking), Manual
(you can fine tune it according to your specific needs and terrain) and Fixed
(factory preset average value)

Built-in LED dual torches for illuminating the coil and the area in front of the
operator (the operator can activate this function which is very useful for night

All search coils are fiber glass reinforced, ultralight, solidly built,
waterproof and shock-resistant. Scratch resistant coil covers come standard with
all coils.

Please note: all the coils of the other 14 kHz Detech metal detectors (EDS Plus
I/II, EDS Winner I/II, EDS Reacher 14 kHz) can also be used with the new Chaser
14 kHz and, in the same way, all the coils of the new Chaser 14 Khz can also be
used with the previous 14 kHz Detech metal detectors.

Real telescopic carbon fiber stem, ultralight and super strong! It allows a very
precise adjustment of handle’s positioning. Its wide adjusting capability allows
even very tall or very short users to comfortably operate the detector. Its
maximum extended length is 1450 mm (57 inches). When collapsed for transporting,
its length is 740 mm (29 inches).

The detector uses 4 AA batteries providing more than 20 hours of continuous

The Chaser provides a 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo headphones input.

An excellently balanced detector, having the overall weight of only 1.5 kg (3.3
lbs) including the batteries and the Ultimate 9? stock coil.

Warranty term: 2 years

Package contains:

Electronic control unit

Telescopic stem (carbon fiber)




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