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In this set are included the both detectors which are ideal for searching all types of objects, namely pulse-induction TRAK TERA 2 with frame 1.2×1.2m and VLF detector Golden Mask 4 PRO S with 30x25cm coil.

Both detectors can be used alone, but complement each other and they are a perfect combination. Use the frame to find large objects buried very deeply, then turn on the Golden Mask and center the signal, and also know what kind of metal it is.

Trak Terra 2 is a pulse-induction detector, including both dynamic and static mode of operation. This mode is a convenience for the user when the place is small and motion is not possible.

Golden Mask 4 PRO S is a very good coin detector that uses automatic and manual ground balance. It works at 18khz and has a high recovery speed. In addition to this, a small coil (20x15cm) can be purchased and it is perfect for searching for nugget gold. Below, see the detailed reviews of the detectors:


– Base search coil 30х25cm./12 the search coil is connected to the receiver input.

Receiving phase

The decay of the eddy currents in the object produces a secondary magnetic field, which is radiated by the object. This secondary magnetic field has its effect also on the coil and here induces very low voltages, which are amplified and displayed by a meter and an audio signal. Obviously the detection range has physical limits, because these voltages are extremely weak and can be obscured by external magnetic fields.


THRACE – TERRA2 parts for control

To achieve maximum depth of searching, the device must be set according to this manual. Also make sure that you are not around large metal objects – wire mesh, pipes, cables, lines, etc.


Assemble the search frame and plug the connecting cable to the appropriate connector on the back panel of metal detector.

You will need at least 40 hours of practice to be sure you can really use all of the detectors’ functions.

You should know that if you haven’t used before a pulse induction detector, you will need some time to get used to the slower speed with it.

The synchronization work with the frame between the two operators is very important. The one who works with the search frame is responsible for setting the time and the distance between the frame and the land, while the other one has the role of “air cushion”, he is responsible for making the frame stable.

Normally the frame must be on 20cm. over the ground during operation.


– Principle of work: pulse Induction

– Working frequency: varies from 450Hz-650Hz

– Search coil included in the main package: 1.2×1.2 m

– Headphones – additional option – professional / order below, choose from the options /

– Batteries: 2800 mAh

– Charger – 220V – included in the main package

– Discrimination: analogue

Thrace terra 2.2 Base set includes:

– electronic box with protector

– Search coil included in the main package: 1.2×1.2 m

– Batteries: 2800 mAh

– Charger – 220V – included in the main package


THRACE Metal Detectors

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