Instrument is intended for finding of black, colour metals, (including gilded and nuggets), based in the soil at depth up to 200 cm /for big objects/, also based in water at depth up to 40 cm. The identification of discovered purposes is pointed by  icons at the display. Display has 8 sections to visualization of discovered objects, such as: nails, stoppers, coins, gold, cola and etc. Instrument duplicates a discovered purpose by a signal, which You may install on Your taste ( there are 8 different bleeps in the instrument). Colour display has a pointer of depth of found discovered purposes. Instrument can be programmed on the sifting out of undesirable objects ( System Target Type Reject Mask®) such as nails, stoppers and etc.

As a matter of convenience checking a feeding, instrument is supplied with the indicator of condition of batteries. Suitable regulation of sensitivity of instrument, allows to obtain more exact results of the searching. Regulation of loudness built-in track record. Possibility of connecting the headsets (earphones). Instrument has a built-in program of automatic regulation. At Your desire You can adjust initial (factory) settings. Built-in program of automatic diagnostics of detector, Self-Test. Watertight. Particularities of instrument: Full automatic, Bleep, Spool 8.5\', Color LCD display, 5 types of the metal (can be defined by the detector – Aluminum, Iron, Gold, Silver, Copper), Possibility of sifting out undesirable metals, High sensitivity, Battery diagnostic, Output of headsets, Telescopic barbell, System Slow Motion, System Target type-reject mask®, 8 different bleeps, Watertight spool.




Control Panel

1.     POWER: control power ON or OFF

2.     Move to the right position

3.     Move to the left position

4.     MODE: Select to ignore a target (eliminates a target) or assigns a tone to a target.

5.     SET: Select a function.

6.     LCD display.



LCD display:

1.     Sensitivity: 10 levels available for sensitivity adjustment.  

2.     Highlight a target: A rectangular box encircling a target is selected or bring detected.

3.     target eliminate Indicator: indicates the target that you don't want to detect.

4.     Tone Volume: There are 5 levels of tone volume.

5.     Tone assign: There are 8 tones that you can assign to each of the target icon show on the display


Target Icons:

6.     Iron Nail

7.     Pull-Tab or 5 cents (US).

8.     1 cent (US).

9.     Gold Ring

10.   10 cents(US)

11.   1 UDS or 25 cents (US) or 1 EUR

12.   50 cents (US) or 10 EUR cents.

Other Icons

13.   Self Diagnostic: Indicates self test pass.

14.   Tone settings icon.

15.   Battery Condition Indicator.


·        Keep the search coil moving at a comfortable rate. TAKE YOUR TIME. If you walk too fast you can't overlap yours sweeps and you'll miss a lot of ground. Also if you sweep too fast you'll lose sensitivity and miss the deep targets.

The model is perfect for high and slow motion searching. Very suitable for indoor and outdoor searching.

Microprocessor analyze of the incoming signal makes MD-3010 very precise and very suitable addition to high depth searching detectors, for minimising the redundant digging for spurious objects.